LG Nexus 4 16G入手前奏3……Google Play今天发来一封邮件


即上次给google play发了一封赞美和说明自己很需要这部手机的邮件后,今天收到了google发来的电子邮件。内容如下:


Orders are shipped based on the estimate in your order confirmation email. Once an order has been processed you’ll receive a second ship confirmation email with your tracking number. It may take 24 hours for the package tracking to return any information for your tracking number.

If you have not received a package tracking number after the time quoted in your order confirmation email, please let us know.

According to our records, your order should ship by the evening of January 23.

Neuxs 4 backorders: Please note that the above date is based on typical shipment processing and does not apply to Nexus 4 backorders. Nexus 4 backorders are being delivered based on the order in which they were received. If you receive a shipping confirmation email, then you will be able to track your delivery.
明白了,邮件的意思是让我慢慢骂等,离January 23还早着呢……哎,我承认我的运气一向很差,但是RP其实还是不错的。